Why do people cheat?

This era of technology where everything is available for connecting people relationships are very fragile. Many individuals cheat their partners while others separate. These are the things which are really hard to take. It is always good for you to do all that possible so that you do not let your partner cheat you. There are so many reasons for people to cheat in their relationships and here are some of the common ones that you can consider. When you check out for these reasons ensure that you full proof your relationship against all this.

Dull Look of the Partner
This is a very common factor that makes people go for somebody else in their life and cheat their partner. Most of the men or women forget about their body after some point of their age. This can be due to more responsibilities from both family and career front. This phase can really make their relationship in trouble if their partner do give importance to looks. Try to ensure that your body is not loaded with extra fats and you do not look ugly. Try to do all that possible at any age so that you look really good.

Dissatisfaction in Sex
This is another major reason that most of the individuals have for cheating in their relationship. There are so many who get so much busy with their career or kids that they completely forget about sex. This can really be a huge problem. If your partner is expecting healthy sex and you are denying that for whatever the reason, it can take your partner move away from you and end up in a new relationships out of your knowledge. This is something that can really make you go through hard things as you are the culprit for whatever happened. It is necessary to give tie to your partner also so that this reason can be avoided. Try to enjoy your sexual life every time and always be ready to surprise your partner with some new tricks or new methods, postures whatever. Satisfied sexual life can hold the partners with each other more firmly.

Emotional Dissatisfaction
A relationship is primarily meant for one to share anything that you want so that you get relaxed. You expect your partner to understand your emotions and make you feel comfortable every time. If there is a huge imbalance in the emotion in your relationship then it can also lead to cheating on each other. This is a factor that can make two individuals lose the connection between each other. This kind of detachment from each other due to the lack of proper understanding can lead to the situation that the other one slowly move away from you. Every individual expect peace in their relationship, if it lacks then things can be worst.

Completely Opposite Interests
If the partners do not have any common interest then there are chances for them to drift apart and can lead to cheating on in the relationship.

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Squirting orgasms

So few days ago I talked to my friends about sex and one of them told us a story when he came across one website that teaches you (among other things) how to make a girl squirt. If you don’t know what squirting is, it’s when girl cums in a way that seems like she peed all over the place. And if you ever made some girl squirt, you know how exciting that is.

Well, he said that he read on that website that every girl can squirt if you know how to make them squirt, which I thought it’s BS. He said it’s not because he tried with few girls and it was working. I know I did that before, but never with this girl I’m seeing at the moment so I thought she is not a squirter. He said if I did what they teach I will be able to do it, so there was a bet. Long story short, I lost the bet, but I made her squirt, so I can’t say I’m the loser in this story :)

I also saw they have some good reviews about programs that teach you how to last longer in bed, and watch this out – how to attract girls with pheromones.

If you never heard for pheromones, you better start doing your research because that’s some powerful shit right there.

Basically, your pheromones send signals to brain of other members of your species and tell them what to feel about you. There are still studies being done do get all the information, but when it comes to sexual attraction you really want to have as much pheromones as you can, so you can attract as much girls as you can. I mean, maybe you don’t, but I sure do, and a lot of people that will read this, so for pheromones check them out as well.

I mean, you gotta love a website that teaches you how to make girls squirt, how to last longer in bed and doing review on pheromones. I’m giving them a thumb up ;)

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I intend to keep this blog as a review blog of some sort. I won’t be writing reviews about products that much as much as about websites that write about products and stuff. This is purely to practice my writing skills, but if opportunity emerges to make some cash out of it, I will gladly take it :)

Also, there will be time when I will write about some things that happened to me if I thought you might get some lesson out of it. I’m still kind of new in this internet blogging thing, so I will try to follow all the “rules” and mention you (link to you) if I talk about your website, because I heard that’s something you should do, but if it happens that I didn’t give you proper credit feel free to contact me and I will fix that.

Also, if you feel that my readers would profit from reading my take about your website you can submit your website and if I agree with you, I will write my thoughts. However, I have to tell you that I won’t write “sponsored” articles, so don’t even try. When I say “sponsored”, I mean I won’t accept prewritten article that I just have to publish to advertise you. I guess at time goes by and this blog gains some popularity, I will do paid articles in a way that you pay me to review your website, but I will just write what I think. So if you have shitty a website, don’t contact me, because you would just pay me to tell people how your website sucks :) Even though they say there is no such thing as a bad publicity, think about that for a second.

I am a guy, so probably most of the text will be sex/cars/fun related, but I don’t think you would mind to learn more about how to rock in bed, and stuff like that.

First article will come today or tomorrow so stay tuned, because it’s about very interesting topic regarding sex, needless to say!

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